Friday, May 24, 2013

Review for Pony Play by J.M Snyder

Title: Pony Play
Release Date September 1 2009
Author:   J. M. Snyder
Genre:  MM erotica, fetish,
Length: short story (7,104 words)
Publisher JMS Books llc
Warnings: fetish, MM sex,
Meows: 3
Purrrs: explicit
Blurb:  Drew isn't into BDSM and doesn't get off on calling anyone "Master." So he doesn't know why he lets his friend Sean talk him into attending a weekend affair hosted by a local bondage group. When he finds out it's a pony play weekend, Drew doesn't think things can get much worse.

But they do -- his insolent manner once outfitted turns a harsh trainer on him. Salvation comes at the hands of a gentle man named Phillip, who leads the abused Drew to a quiet stables and shows him just how erotic succumbing to a master can be.
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Reviewer: Cat
Review: Dew pretty much like his sex vanilla and is not into fetish or bondage at all. He hasn’t been laid in a while, so he gives in at his friend Sean’s urging to join him at a fetish camp that weekend featuring pony play.
This was a fast paced well written story about a man that gives in to go experiment with his friend. I sort of had it all figured out that it was a way to for his friend to get him to have sex with him.  I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome.  I was totally unfamiliar with the fetish of pony play and found this story explained it very well without being overly technical or teachy.  The story was good, and  the sex very hot. If your wanting to learn more of some of the fetishes out there this is a good place to start.  I enjoyed the book!
Recommendations: If you  like fetish, especially pony play, light bondage, and hot MM sex this one is for you.
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