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Review for Serviced - Anthology

Today we would like to take a moment to honor the men and women and the families of those that sacrifice so much for our country

Title: Serviced, Volume 1 (Anthology)

Authors: Allie A Burrow, Angelica Dawson, Jesabelle Jones, Leona Bushman, Mickey J. Corrigan, Natalia Petrovskii, Raven McAllan, Shelli Rosewarne and Zara Stoneley

Genre: Erotic

Heat Rating: 5

Publisher: Breathless Press

Formats Available In: All eBook formats

Word Count: 65,386
Meows 5
Purrs: Explicit

Overall Review: I found this a very sexy , intriguing book. The stories are all very well-done and complete stories that could stand well as novellas. Most had intriguing plots, some mystery and all were very hot and sexy. A great collection of stories by some fabulous Authors and I felt a wonderful tribute to our men and women that have to sacrifice so much for our country.
Recommendations : If  you love anthologies, men and women in uniform ( and out), mystery, intrigue, suspense, sweet endings, some bittersweet stories and lots of  very hot sex! This one is for you!
Blurb: All's fair in love and war, they say. Come find out if it's true in these ten stories where soldiers prove that their skills in the field are only rivaled by their skills in the bedroom.

Book Links:


For One Night Only by Allie A Burrow

Corporal Mark Butler is back in the country for one night only, and Kate isn't about to let the opportunity pass her by...
My Review: This was a quick very erotic romp. There isn’t a lot of story, just the basic girl meets guy, likes him, He is unattainable, but wow the sex is hot and the twist  at the end he leaves her is so Romantic. Totally  Swoon worthy

Over A Dead Body by Leona Bushman

Riker hated days that start out with dead bodies. Edie hated days that started out with dead bodies found by ex-fiancés. Both wanted to find the killer.
My review
This story was fabulous! It’s like reading a book on its own, not just a short story.  There is lots of intrigue and mystery with the sex at the end that is smoking hot. You think opening with a dead body how the heck this will get sexy but WOW!

Reds, Whites, and Blues by Mickey J. Corrigan

He was stationed in Key West during the Vietnam War when he met the artsy girl who didn't capitalize her name.
MY Review
I founds this quirky and cute, though it’s basically just a sex romp, the twist at the end is also a romantics dream.  A very cute story and I loved  the little details like how iris didn’t capitalize her name, how she was so free, and he was so straight-laced in a way.

Leave Taking by Angelica Dawson

Will has a surprise for his wife for the tenth anniversary. He's coming home.
MY review: I can’t say much on this without a spoiler so I will just say so  hot steamy, sweet and  it  brought a lump to my throat when he reveals his surprise!

First Date - The Italian Colonel by Jesabelle Jones

There are fireworks when horny English nanny, Leonie, meets squadron commander, Colonel Luca Giordano - the sex is hot, and it's only the first date.
 My Review: This story is steamy-hot, and sexy

Major's Minah by Raven McAllan

Oliver knew his duty, he needed a wife and heir. Minah knew what she wanted—him. Could his ideals and her dreams be the same? There was only one way to find out.
My review: This was another of my favourites. It is like ready a complete book. I love the historical setting and the hot interlude. All the characters are likeable and the sex is super- hot. I am a big Raven fan though and this book doesn’t disappoint!

Knock Out by Natalia Petrovskii

Warrant Officer Ryan Wilson is handsome and arrogant and Corporal Nicole Muchmore enjoys taking out her frustration against him on the sparring mat. One day the tables turn and before she knows what is happening he is exacting a punishment of another kind-this time totally pleasurable.
My Review: I loved this one too. I liked that Nicole is a tough, take no bull kind of girl and Ryan isn’t just a prince charming type of guy. They have to fight for this relationship and I do mean literally!

A Chance At Love by Shelli Rosewarne

Suzanne had always told her big brother that being a soldier was too dangerous, so when she sees the uniformed officer in front of her house she knows exactly what he's here to tell her. While Aidan may set her blood on fire, Suzanne has already lost one soldier she loved and she's not prepared to trust her heart to another one.
My review: Another favourite, but be warned you need tissues for this one. It is very sad, but also hot and sexy.

Taking Command by Zara Stoneley

How far would you go if the man you loved walked away, so you didn't suffer? Would you take a risk, take command?
My Review:  This one starting out I was like what the hell is she thinking? But then I could see her point in a way.  Her plan works out in the end and I have to say who doesn’t dream of  taking complete control of a hot man.

Riding Out the Storm by Natalia Petrovskii

Corporal Anna Jordan keeps her secret fantasies about her superior officer, Lieutenant Kyle Campbell, well hidden. When the two must take shelter from a winter storm during a training exercise she has no idea her wildest dreams are about to come true!
And another of my favourites, Yes I know , most of them were LOL.   This one starts out with two people stranded and trying to survive and doing what they have to do to keep warm and get through a night in danger. ( insert the hot sexy part here)   the story started with her injuring herself but then nothing  else was mentioned of this and it left me wondering why  even have her  get hurt, but the rest of the story made up  for it!

About The Authors:

Allie A Burrow: Allie A Burrow is the raunchier alter-ego of Aurelia B Rowl, author of Christmas is Cancelled, released by Breathless Press in December 2012.

Allie never considered herself a writer and ignored all the evidence to the contrary. Not realizing she had a natural, instinctive talent for writing, she knuckled down after school and got a job, becoming a jack-of-all-trades as she moved from one job to the next on a quest to find her ideal career.

After a couple of false starts (and kissing a few too many frogs), she finally found her Mr Right and they married one Valentine’s Day (aww!). Soon after, she became a stay-at-home mum to their two children, now 6 and 4, and fulfilled her lifelong dream of being a mother. But, with her family complete—including a mad rescue mutt—she needed a new challenge. A new dream...

As soon as she rediscovered her passion for reading, Allie couldn’t keep her muse on a leash any longer. Ten months on, she typed 'the end' on her first full manuscript and hit send. A contract arrived in her inbox less than a week later and she finally figured out she'd been a writer all along.

The next challenge was to break out of her 'Aurelia' comfort zone, almost daring herself to step into 'spicier' territory, and For One Night Only was the result, along with another contract, and Allie A Burrow was born.

Allie is now guiltily counting down the months until she has both kids at school full-time and can really get down to some writing. She lives on the edge of the Peak District in the UK with her very understanding family who are getting used to her being too caught up with her latest writing project...or five!

To find out even more about Allie, or to check out what projects she's working on right now, you can visit her website. You can also check out her main writing persona, Aurelia, by visiting the website.

You will also find her hanging out at the following:

Pinterest (as Aurelia)
Goodreads (as Aurelia)
YouTube (as Aurelia)

Other titles by this author:

Angelica Dawson: Angelica is the author of Blue Moon House, a vampire BDSM story. Her day job makes her no stranger to blood sucking hoards, however, in environmental consulting they are black flies and mosquitoes more often than vampires. She is also the author of The Winning Bid included in Naughty Nights Press' third Campus Sexploits anthology. She is married and has one daughter who tries to read over her shoulder, much to Angelica's chagrin.

Jesabelle Jones: Jesabelle Jones lives in the UK with her family and began writing YA at the age of 15. She progressed to poetry in her late teens and contemporary romance in her 20s and 30s, culminating in a bit of toe dipping in the waters of liberating flash fiction as she turned 40.

Erotic fiction was something Jesabelle has always read but never thought of writing until flash fiction opened up a world of short and snappy sexy stories.  Juicy tales of sex, indoor and out, mixed with quirky characters and a dollop of sass, are what Jesabelle likes to write.  She hopes you like things juicy too.

You can enjoy ‘Louisiana Love’ in the Hot Flashes Anthology from Breathless Press, out soon.

Leona Bushman: Leona can be found in Eastern Washington with her husband and children writing, painting, gardening, running, camping, or just reading or crafting. She also loves to swim but rarely gets a chance to as she's busy chasing after three of five children still left at home. Sassy and saucy, she can be found writing about her trials and errors as a mom and writer at the following places:

If you want more of her, she's found on twitter as often as not at @L_Bushman just follow and don't be a spammer. She follows back if you look like a real person. Besides werewolves, she also likes zombies, vampires, and fairies. You're likely to catch her attention if you talk to her about any of the above. Or sports. She loves sports but rarely gets a chance to indulge in that love. So speak up!

Mickey J. Corrigan: Originally from Boston, Mickey J. Corrigan lives and writes and gets into trouble in South Florida, where the men run guns and the women run after them. Mickey is the author of Breathless Press cyber romantica including Dream Job (May 2012), as well as a story in the upcoming anthology Ravaged (August 2012). An erotic thriller is currently in press with Musa Publishing. Visit at

Natalia Petrovskii: Natalia Petrovskii has been writing stories since she could first hold a pen; as a child she spent countless hours writing in her notebooks during the long winters in her Arctic home. After serving in the Canadian military, she spent some time in the health field before finally deciding to follow her heart and return to what she always loved to do—write. She currently works as a journalist and when she isn’t writing she is busy taking care of her three children. Knock Out and Riding Out the Storm, are part of the Serviced Anthology published by Breathless Press, which is her first book. Visit Natalia on her website.

Raven McAllan: Ever since I won not one but two Cadbury "Where Does Chocolate Come From?" competitions in primary school, I was convinced one day I would write a book. My parents encouraged me. My schoolteachers despaired of me—flowery, romantic, not factual. Hey, I loved weaving stories about anything and anyone!
So what happened to my grand ideas?

Life got in the way.

So more years later than I am prepared to disclose (a woman has to have some secrets!), here I am, with Breathless Press giving me my big chance. Thanks, B.P.
Married to my own hero (how cheesy is that?) after a couple of failed hero attempts, we live on the edge of a Scottish forest with two cats and three children as frequent visitors. And now two grandkids. Lucky or what?

I write on my laptop in my study, watching the birds on the bird table, the strange big, black, fluffy "I'm pretending to be a bird" cat sitting on the table and trying to convince the many birds he is invisible, occasionally seeing deer and red squirrel moving past. I am privileged.

As a non-closet romantic, sometime neurotic, and lover of words, I so enjoy getting involved with my characters.  I hope you do too.

Shelli Rosewarne: Shelli Rosewarne had always had a dream in the back of her head about wanting to be a writer, from the time she was handing in ten page stories at primary school and driving her teachers crazy. However, like with so many things, life and paying the bills got in the way, and she worked in various jobs from call centers to shops to offices. She eventually realized that life is too short not to try and follow your dreams, and a year later was signing her first contract with Breathless Press Рcue bursting into tears and jumping round her office like a lunatic! She currently lives in Edinburgh with her long-suffering fiancé and slightly psycho cat. When not writing she loves reading, music, and photography.

Zara Stoneley: Zara Stoneley has been writing stories for as long as she’s been reading them. She submitted her first novel, a thriller, to a UK publisher when she was twelve years old but as she hit her mid teens her tastes shifted from action to romance. She was soon addicted to alpha heroes, and what could be better than writing about them?

She started off writing contemporary romance with a bit sizzle, and then discovered she liked hot and erotic too. Her erotic work has been published by Xcite Books and she has work contracted with Breathless Press for 2013. She also writes contemporary romance under the name Susie Medwell, and her latest romance is due to be published by Lyrical Press in Spring 2013.

So, if you like your romances simmering and sensual please check out her Susie stories and if you like them hot and erotic then Zara is your girl!

Zara loves her family, sunshine, wine, good food, caffeine, cats, music, writing and reading - but not necessarily in that order!


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