Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Eye of the Beholder By Edward Kendrick

Title: Eye of the beholder
Series: Winterfield #1
Release Date: Jan 12 2013
Author: Edward Kendrick
Genre:  MM contemporary
Length: novella (104 pages)
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Meows: 4
Purrrs: no actual sex
Blurb: When Preston is attacked by an unknown assailant, he's unable to face the future looking as he does. With the help of his new roommate, will he let down his barriers and meet his best friend Cary face to face again?

When porn star Preston is attacked by an unknown assailant who may have been working for his former boss, he goes into seclusion, unable to face the future looking as he now does.

Meanwhile his friend, Cary, and Cary's boyfriend give up trying to find Pres and move on with their lives. Then, through his online business, Pres reconnects with his friend, although Cary doesn't know it is Pres. Will Pres, with the help of the woman with whom he is living, be able to let down his barriers and meet face to face with Cary or will his fears keep them just online friends?
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Reviewer: Cat
Review:  A quick rundown: Preston is attack and his face disfigured, he disappears and doesn’t tell anyone even his closest friend where he is.  He opens an online business doing websites and finds his friend and communicates anonymously with him.  His assailant is still on the loose, so is Preston safe or still a threat to his attacker? Will he stay hidden at his friend Tabby’s or will he finally listen to her and tell Cary how he really feels about him?
 I loved this story. I found it so heartfelt and sad that Preston and Cary loved each other but didn’t want to risk their friendship if a relationship failed. It’s a beautiful story that not everything is as it seems in so many ways. I loved the twist and the surprise of who actually attacked Preston though I had figured it out early in the story.  I am such a fan Of Edward Kendrick, I love how his stories hit home and are so heartfelt and passionate without a lot of actual sex. I never miss the sex in his stories the passion relays it all!

Recommendations: If you like friends to lovers, a heartfelt sad story, a story of overcoming tragedy  you will like this one.

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