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Review for Boy Crucified by Jerome Wilde

Title: Boy Crucified
Series: Thomas Noel Mystery 01
Release date: June 12th 2013
Author: Jerome Wilde
Genre: M/M Mystery
Length: Novel (233pgs)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Purrs Level:  Moderate
Meows Rating: 4
Reviewer: Cat
Blurb: When the body of a crucified boy is found by the river in Kansas City, Lieutenant Thomas Noel, a priest turned homicide detective, is assigned the case. In their search for the boy’s killer, Noel and his new partner, Daniel Qo, follow the clues to a secretive traditional Catholic group located in the Missouri countryside.
Then another body turns up, and the hunt intensifies. But Noel’s investigation hits too close to home and attracts the attention of the killer….
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Warning: Mentions of physical and sexual child abuse and has graphic violence.
Review: My quick rundown: Thomas an ex-priest now Buddhist and gay police detective is investigating a murder of a boy that was found crucified.  He also meets his new partner, a young Chinese man, Daniel Qo. While investigating the murder, his own past comes back to haunt him in many ways and he finds himself with feelings for his new partner.
 My review: I actually liked this story. It is an intriguing mystery with many twists and turns and I found myself not so sure who the murder was though I got an idea but wasn’t sure the way things kept unfolding and refolding. I found Thomas very interesting the way his past was explained in bits and with the arrival of his abusive mother. I also liked the hint of the romance between him and his new partner, the glimpse of his past romance of Billy, and the hints of a few more romances I won’t mention since it could be a spoiler. I liked how he wasn’t  the most loved person on the force and not your typical stereotype  lead character.
Now what I didn’t like; I got a bit lost in all the history of the Catholic church and found some parts  weren’t necessary like one of the groups he goes and spends a great deal of time talking to.  The descriptions of the murders were ok ( the violence is a bit harsh but doesn’t bother me) but what threw me here was that once it is said the actually crucifixion wouldn’t kill then  it seems to be the murder  way of choice in this story, also the medical descriptions  got a bit  textbook for m and lost my interest . When the mother showed up I liked this how it  shows his character and confusion but  some stuff was brought up but not really told in  detail and I got a bit confused and curious of more of his past abuse.
On the romance front: The interaction (sexual between him and his partner was a bit odd for me, since it happens immediately and Thomas is druggy from just getting back from the hospital. Also it was more sexual though Thomas spoke of wanting more. I wold have loved to seen a lot more tension and progression here and more about Daniel since we knew hardly anything.
All in all I loved this story and would definitely read more.  I would have like less Church and medical terms and more relationship.
Recommendations: I recommend if you who love suspense and  mystery, stories with violence, A dealing with his abusive past, Catholic Church history, twists and turns, a mystery not easy to solve, and a  possible romance.
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