Thursday, June 6, 2013

Review for Caged by Michele L Montgomery

Title: Caged
Series: Lethal Obsessions book #2
 Author: Michele L Montgomery
Genre: BDSM (contemporary
Warnings: kidnapping-rape –torture) some parts get tough.
Length: 4570/Novella
Publisher: self-published
Purrs very explicit
Hearts 5
Reviewer: Cat

 Blurb: Christian St. James Davenport is a prisoner. He has spent his entire life imprisoned within a gilded cage; trapped by his parents’ wealth, by his own secrets, and by the fear of his abusive ex-lover, Dwight.

Lucca Renaldo is the darkly exotic, older man who will show Christian what it truly means to be free, but not before Dwight returns to reclaim what he believes is his.

After a ruthless attack leaves his father bleeding in a dark, dirty alley, Christian is kidnapped and held prisoner. Horribly abused, brutally violated, and sadistically tortured, Christian is barely hanging on to reality and to his life. Both physically and psychologically scarred, he is on the brink of self-destruction, spiraling toward a point of no return.

Will Lucca find Christian in time to save him? If he does, will his love be enough to rescue his boy from the threshold of Hell, or will Christian forever be caged by a lethal obsession? Lucca may need to take more extreme measures to prove to Christian who his true Master is.
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This book was great.  I love a sweet romance. This started out that way. The characters were very well developed.  I like a book where I can feel like I become the character. About a third way through, I wished I didn’t feel it so much. My first hard core Bdsm..The story was very well written and drew you right into the plot. I couldn’t stop. I read all night.  I cried and cried and flinched. Just when I thought it was ending, another twist.
  I love great sexy romance, chilling suspense, and lots of twists. I got it all in one. The story gets dark, but It was a rude awakening to me that life isn’t all Cinderella story’s. It is dealing with the bad  hands we get dealt and some  get very bad hands.
Now a little about the story. Nicholas and Paul have the love we all crave. Pretty much perfect. They have been together since high school. Their son Christian is a handful, but they are also the perfect parents. Well  very loving parents, and very rich. Christian wants for nothing.  He meets Lucca a hot Italian architect when he is only 16 and involved with Dwight. Dwight seems very possessive and see the attraction between Christian and Lucca. He threatens Lucca, hat if he takes his boy he will kill them both. Lucca and Christian eventually move in together and have a very perfect hot loving relationship.  Christian starts acting strange when Dwight starts showing back up, but is able to convince his parents and Lucca he is fine. Right after Christians 21st birthday, he is out with his father Nicholas, they had ditched the hired security men. Nicholas is shot and Christian is kidnapped. Things get very bad for Christian. Lucca calls in his close friend that was a former lover and also his Dom,Carl, to help find Christian.
Who took Christian and why? Does Nicholas survive? Do they find Christian? If they do will he be the same? Can Lucca forgive Christian for the lies he finds out he was told or not told in this case if he finds him. Will their love be the same? Do Lucca and Carl reunite?
I’m not gonna tell ya! You will have to read the book. Believe me you won’t be sorry!
 Recommendations: If You like sweet romance and Hot man love, really hot characters, Dark plots. I will warn ya the scenes with the boys being held hostage has lots of torture, but you do get a good insight into the world of master and Slave. There is some really sexy Bdsm between some of the characters that was just melting hot.

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