Friday, June 28, 2013

Review for Daisy Chains and Monster Games

Author name: Allen McGill
Release date: April 14 2013
Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Humor, Historic, gay, horror, anthology
Length:  90 pages (74,600 words )
Meows 4
Purrs:  low
Blurb: Diversity is the name of the game for this varied potpourri of the real and surreal. The 27 stories in this collection run the gamut from funny to frantic, fearsome to fantastic. Stories of time travel and time lost, eternal love and prolonged revenge.

Between these pages, you’ll find humor and horror, gruesome and gay, sensuous encounters to sinister soliloquies. You’ll meet a hodgepodge of characters, from people to ghosts, victims to victors, eternally famous to determined wannabes, heroes to out-of-body escapees. There’s something for everyone!
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Reviewer:  Cat
Review: This is a fabulous collection of short stories that range from funny, to frightening.There is a bit of something for everyone. Some are sad, some scarey, some funny and some thought provoking all very intriguing. Since they are  so short and so many I wont do ny usual indvidual reviews.  

Recommendations: if you like monsters, time travel, time lost, eternal love, prolonged revenge and a good mix of stories for fearsome to fantastic this one is  for you

Author Twitter: @McGillAllen

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