Saturday, June 1, 2013

Review for Grants Mechanic By Nicole Dennis

Title: Grants Mechanic
Series: Blue Collar Lovers
Author: Nicole Dennis
Genre: Alternative (M/M or F/F), Contemporary
Length: 50,268 words
Publisher: Siren
Heart: 4
Heat: explicit
When an ass in coveralls attracts him after a dry spell, Grant
Carlton wants to know more about the new mechanic at his
friend’s garage. Then he finds there is more going on with the
garage, the decline of his old friend’s health, and the gorgeous
man in those coveralls working on his favorite car, a ’65 Mustang.
Unable to walk away, Grant finds ways to help and be around his
new mechanic.
Morric Donahue struggles with being a parolee, not wanting to
lose control after stepping outside the prison walls, especially
knowing he never committed the crime. Wary of all commitments
which don’t include engines, he keeps a close eye on the enticing
rich boy who keeps coming around. While he admires the hot
muscle car, he wants to know more about the man driving it, even
if it means going outside his self-imposed cell.
Reviewer: Cat
Review: Grant pulls into his friends garage and the first thing he sees is the new mechanic bent over a car that got his interest but when he turns around Grant is more than filled with lust, he will do anything to get this hot mechanic with an attitude to be his. Morric is trying to get his life back n order after being in prison for three years; he has no time for romance, and has too much baggage for romance.  He is attracted to Grant but want to keep him at a distance, since he is a rich boy he sure wouldn’t want more than a quick roll in the hay with someone like him.
I really liked this book. The characters were interesting and not the run of the mill kind of men you find in romances. I like the fact each man had some issues in his past.  The storyline was romantic and sweet and interesting and easy to follow. I loved the sexual tension between Grant and Morric and the determination in Grant to prove to Morric he wanted more than sex from him. Great story

Recommendation: I recommend this to anyone that likes a story of a man determined to win another man’s heart, computer geeks, hot mechanics and sweet sexy sensual and hot mansex.

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