Saturday, June 22, 2013

Review for A New Beginning : Sons of Sumeria 2.1

For those of you that have read or planning to read the Sons of Sumeria  Here is a free read, best read after songs fo the Earth or later.
Title: A New Beginning
Series: Sons of Sumeria 2.1( free short story)
Author:  Lexi Ander
Genre: MM Paranormal, Futuristic, New Earth
Length: Short Story ( 6, 800 words)
Publisher: By Lexi Ander
Meows: 5
Purrrs: moderate: hot and sensual
Blurb: The Magi Gregori Borchetta, and the Warrior Juan Ybarra, have been dancing around each other since that fateful day when Juana gave I his blood oath to Tristan Janec., Dangerous Ghosts haunt Gregori and he’s not sure if he should stay or go. Will the skittish Magi be enticed to not only stay for Tristan and the tribe but for Juana as well?  
Reviewer: Cat
Review:  I’m going to skip my usual rundown since this is a short story.
This one is about Gregori and Juan and takes place after Songs of the Earth and a battle.
I loved this look into Gregori and his past and his feeling. It gives great insight into his character and a bit more on the Maj College. It’s as beautifully written and intriguing as the stories and I was swooning over these two men. It’s very sensual and shows the love blooming between the two. Thank you Lexi for the peek inside these two characters’ lives and I hope we get more peeks at more characters!
Recommendations: If you like The Sons of Sumeria Series, shifters, Magi, Gods and Goddesses, warriors, and true love,  this is a must

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