Saturday, June 29, 2013

review for Of Friends and Fairies by Allen Mcgill

Author name: Allen McGill
Release date: May 19 2013
Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Humor, Historic, horror, anthology
Length:  120 pages         
Meows, 4
Purrs: low
Blurb: Eclectic is the theme for this collection of stories, which span from memoirs to imaginings to projections, introducing characters and settings across time and space, in reality and beyond. Meet new fairies, a coming-out brother, ghosts, witches, a plain old working girl, an embarrassing moment in church, theatrical folk, and young people determined on gruesome revenge -- all in a lighthearted vain ... or should we say vein?

The new and unusual worlds filling out these 26 stories are many-faceted, populated with idiosyncrasies, yearnings, and the everlasting search for the ultimate pleasures life (or death) has to offer.
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Reviewer: Cat
Review: This is a very good antholgoy of stories that range from  fairies, humour, historical fiction ,  gohsts and goblins, dead and undead.  Some were sad, some sweet, some chilling and some thought provoking all very intriguing. if you like short stories  this one is  a good one!  and the cover is awesome!
Recommendations: If you love anthologies, humor, historical, horror, there’s a little something for everyone

Author Twitter: @McGillAllen

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