Sunday, June 9, 2013

Review for Rent Boy by T. L. Reeve

Title: Rent Boy
Series:  On The Set- book 2
Author:  T.L. Reeve
Genre:   contemporary MM
Length:  47 pages
Publisher: Horny Devil Publishing
Meows  4
Purrs  Explicit
Blurb: Security guard extraordinaire, Bobby, loves the perks of his job. When an opportunity of a lifetime presents itself, he signs on the dotted line.
In desperate need of a new dynamic duo, Heather’s brother, Nathan, agrees to help her. But when catastrophe strikes, the danger levels spiral out of control and no one is safe.
A mysterious criminal hell bent on revenge lurks, waiting for the perfect moment when he will deliver his own justice. Will they band together and foil his plan or is life only for rent?

Reviewer:  Cat
Review: Bobby is a security guard for Heather. He likes his job a lot. Heather has run into some trouble after some issues that happened in the first book.  Her brother Nathan steps in to help when Heather tells him who his costar will be. Bobby didn’t plan to go on the set until he met his costar Nathan and immediately was taken. Then their first day turns into quite a scare.  There is one twist after the next.
I liked this book quite a bit. It had some potential but I would have liked more closure or more book. Instead of it ending like a cliffhanger it ended more like a TV series. It just cut off saying to be continued.   I was also put off a little when we find that Bobby is Nathans first gay lover. I can’t see him put on a movie set and automatically going at it so fast, but even though I say this I loved the relationship between Bobby and Nathan. I am a sucker for falling at first sight and all that good stuff.  I will definitely be reading on to see what happens. It’s a great romance and a great suspense.
Recommendation:  If you like Actors, porn stars, security guards, hot mansex hot shower scenes, and some decent mystery and suspense I recommend this one.

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