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Review for Songs of the Earth by Lexi Ander

Title: Songs of the Earth
Series: Sons of Sumeria book 2
Release Date: November 10 2012
Author:  Lexi Ander
Genre: Paranormal, Shifter, MM
Length: 225 pages
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Meows:  5
Purrrs: moderate; Very sensual and sexy
Blurb:  As Tristan begins a new life with Ushna, he is confronted with lies and lifelong secrets. Unexpectedly finding himself matching wits with mythical creatures and demanding Gods and Goddesses, he must quickly learn to protect those he loves or risk losing everything that's become important to him.

Tristan Janick, Prince of the Lycan race, wades through a life of lies and secrets. Hurt by a Goddess who is supposed to protect him, Tristan learns a valuable lesson in trust. Desperate to protect Ushna from the growing numbers of dangers, he can't help but hope for a future and family. When a murderer escapes and targets Tristan and Ushna, their small tribe must come together and make a stand.
Warnings: Part of a series and best read in order ( male pregnancy)
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Reviewer: Cat
Review: A quick rundown: This is book two of a series and best if read in order.  Tristan and Ushna had just become lovers and Tristan found he was also an Alpha and a Prince. He needed time to think and had took off on his horse for one hour alone. He knew he was shadowed by 6 of his new warriors and also saw some unusual creatures in the sky and was confronted by a Goddess.  In this book he finds out more of his secret hidden past, his love for Ushna and that they can have children.  He agrees to this to find out again he was tricked by the Goddess.
This series just gets better and better.  There are more twists and turns in this and each leads us to more insight of Tristan’s identity. It also tells us a little bit about Ushna also. I wasn’t put off by the prospect of the male pregnancy since   it was pretty much explained and forewarned. I found it pretty intriguing.  The mystery and suspense was nail-biting and again it ended on a cliffhanger causing me to get the next book.   I actually liked this one better than the first if that’s even possible. There were more sex scenes in this all very sensual and hot. I think I have fallen in love with both these men. I also find many more of the characters just as intriguing and interesting and can’t wait to see how the story unfolds.
Recommendations:  If you like futuristic, a different earth,, fantasy, shifters, Gods and Goddess’s, a bit of suspense, friends becoming lovers, mates, and just a darn super good book. This is a must read
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