Sunday, June 23, 2013

Review for Starting Fires: Sons of Sumeria 3.1

Title: Starting Fires
Series: Sons of Sumeria 3.1 (free short story)
Author:  Lexi Ander
Genre:  MM Paranormal, New Earth,
Length: Free Short Story
Publisher Lexi Ander
Meows: 5
Purrrs: Moderate: hot and sensual
Blurb: Juan Ybarra's budding romance with Magi Gregori Borchette is suddenly placed on hold when Gregori's childhood friend and old lover arrived at the ranch. Stan wants Juan gone and is not above using any means necessary to make sure it happens. What will Gregori choose? Will he rekindle an old love or will Juan start a fire between them that will change the course of their lives?
Reviewer: Cat
Review:  I’m not  gonna  do the usual rundown since this is a short story and the blurb explains it well.  This is another peek at Gregori and Juan and expands on their growth relationship. This one is after Dreams forgotten and yet another battle. I loved this. I love the insight in even more of Gregori and Juan since this tells both men’s views. I also like that it shows a little more of Stan and Gregori’s past relationship.  I love the way this author sows such sensuality and strength in her characters and the passion is paramount.  I hope to see more of these peeks  at Gregori and even the other characters since there are so many in this series deserving of a story! Thank you Thank you Ms. Ander!
Recommendations: If you like The Sons of Sumeria Series, shifters, Magi, Gods and Goddesses, warriors, and true love, this is a must

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