Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Review for Tony and Ryan ( Lethal Obsession)

 Title: Tony and Ryan
 Series: Lethal Obsession #1
 Author: Michele l Montgomery
Genre: Contemporary
Length: short -
Publisher: Self- published
Purrs: explicit
Meows 5
Reviewer: Cat


ATony and Ryan are not your typical gay couple. Although they are American, they are trained government agents living in Italy, and they’re on the lam. They are fugitives who are hiding from the very agency that trained them. Tony is 30, a physical trainer with a linebacker’s build. He fears no one, and takes very seriously his responsibility of protecting his boy Ryan. Ryan is young, only 20, and a gentler soul. He’s far more soft-spoken than Tony, and he’s often overly trusting.

While vacationing in Napoli, Ryan is brutalized by a group of four thugs—gay bashers. They beat and stab vulnerable, young Ryan, and leave him for dead. When Tony returns to find his boy in this condition, it nearly crushes him. 

Laden with guilt for not being there to protect Ryan, Tony begins the arduous task of helping his boy heal. Will he ever be able to get Ryan to forgive him for not being there? Will he ever be able to forgive himself? And will Ryan ever again be the loving, gentle soul that Tony once knew and loved?
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 Review: This book was great. I loved the way the characters were brought to life. I am a total sucker for sweet hot romance so I was pulled in at the beginning.  This story Is part of the Lethal Obsession series. Lethal obsession isn’t like most series where you have to read in a particular order, its one where some of the characters intertwine. I think Tony and Ryan sort of set the mood of the series and is a very good place to start. It’s short and well written. It left me begging for more. Which I got with Caged. But this is about Tony and Ryan.
Tony and Ryan are not your ordinary couple. Tony works for Ryan’s Brother and is not only Ryan’s lover but also a sort of body guard. Ryan’s older brother had worked in the United States for a corrupt man and they ended up assassinating him after he had tried to kill one of the younger brothers. The entire family is on the run and living in a compound.  Tony and Ryan go on vacation in Napoli where their life gets changed drastically, by some American Gay bashers.
So what Happened? To who? How does this affect Tony and Ryan? Is their perfect love for each other ruined? All I will say is there was a time or too I would have liked to slap the crap out of Ryan. The rest you will have to find out for yourself. So read the book. You won’t be sorry.
 Recommendation: If you Like a nice romantic love story with plenty of hot manlove and sex, with some intrigue in the mix and want something quick to read. Grab this!!I was totally hooked on this series. I can’t wait for more!


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