Thursday, June 27, 2013

review for Vicky Banning by Allen McGill

Author name: Allen McGill
Release date:  Feb. 10, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Humor, Historic
Length: 74,600 words
Meows 4
 Purrs No sex
Blurb: Vicky Banning is many things to many people, making friends with smooth aplomb, but quick to recognize chicanery and deceit. Drug pushers and crooked politicians come under her scrutiny and -- posing as a Madam, then as a reporter from The New York Times, complete with a Streisand Brooklyn accent -- she manages to charm them into jail time.

Having started life as a pampered child, Vicky views the world as her playground and causes havoc at her “finishing school” in Boston before she returns to her parents’ grand home in Newport, Rhode Island. There she meets her future husband who, with British stiff upper-lip, leads her into the exciting world of show business and travel.

Gay lovers Roger and Steve become Vicky’s closest friends. But even they don’t know her completely. She keeps mum on her efforts to smuggle endangered children out of Europe to the U.S. during WWII, and their aftermath.

Whether she is nearly arrested at Mardi Gras for impersonating an undercover policeman in drag, or masquerading as one of her many alternate personalities of the Countess of Comedians, or simply playing the grandmother while helping a boy keep his dog, Vicky lives life to the fullest. Join this fabulous lady on a zany romp through a whirlwind world of show biz and shenanigans!
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Reviewer: Cat
Review:  This is a very humorous lighthearted story of love and friendship. Vicky goes to a new retirement home every year for 9 months then in April goes back home to visit her family, her shenanigans all seem  wild and whacky but when you get to the end you see the method in her madness. She does some pretty out there stuff but I have to say it’s a laugh a minute. If you want a break from the usual you should try this. The characters are so realistic and endearing and the storyline once you find out her reasons is sweet.
Recommendations: To all who enjoy a laugh and a marvelous character, Vicky Banning, and don’t  believe in growing older only better.

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