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Review For Were Cat by Andrew J Peters

Title: Werecat: The Rearing
Series: Werecat (Book 1)
Release Date: May 28, 2013
Author: Andrew J. Peters
Genre: gay fiction; paranormal; gay/m/m romance; shifter
Length: 21,000 words (69 pages)
Publisher: Vagabondage Press
Warnings: The sex scene is in animal form but tasteful
Meows: 5
Purrrs: low ( only one sex scene)
Blurb: For Jacks Dowd, a college senior who feels ungrounded from his family and life in general, an alcohol and sex-infused weekend in Montréal sounds like a pretty good escape. His Spring Break binge takes a detour when he meets Benoit, an admiring drifter with startling green eyes. A hook-up turns into a day, two days, and then a full week in Benoit’s hostel, making love and scarfing down take-out food. But at the end of the week, Benoit demands that Jacks make an impossible choice: stay with him forever or never see him again.

The night before Jacks is supposed to return to college, he meets Benoit in Mont Royal Park to try to work things out. Benoit springs on Jacks an unfathomable secret: he’s a werecat. He traps Jacks in an abandoned cabin and performs an occult rite so they will be mated forever.

With his dual nature, Jacks can shape-shift at will, and he has amazing new senses and physical abilities. But how will he live as an unfathomable hybrid creature? When Benoit shows Jacks the violence he’s capable of, Jacks may need to find a way to destroy the one person who can help him survive.
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Reviewer: Cat
Review: A quick rundown: Jacks goes on a trip with his college roomies and finds himself in quite a predicament. He has a new lover that changes I his life in more ways than one.  Benoit is intriguing but also domineering, Jacks wants to leave but he also has strong feelings for Benoit. Then things get out of hand forcing Jacks to make a decision. What does he do? I’m not telling you should really read this one and see.
I LOVED this story. I found it a new and intriguing twist on shifters and also refreshing to be Cats instead of wolves. I loved how the story unfolded smoothly in shifts from the present and the three months when Jacks and Benoit met. I felt it the transitions were smooth and let us know enough without dropping it all on us in one fell swoop.  I thought  both Characters were well developed, the story interesting, the  suspense intriguing and I even liked the way the sex scene played out ( not gonna tell ya , you have to read it and see). I can’t wait to see more!!!
Recommendations: If you like shifters especially Were Cats, twists and turns, suspense and a coming to terms with  things story this one is a definite must read.
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