Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter Weekend

Hello everyone!  Everyone  have a nice holiday. Enjoy the long weekend if you got one.  We will see ya back next week with plenty more  reviews. I have a cold so I doubt I will get to do anything with the grandies, since I don;t want to make them sick.  So we plan to just lazy around and read.  We have lots of good looking books to read and hope you do too!  See ya soon!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review for Secretly, Secretly by Bianca De Sanctis

Title: Secretly, Secretly
Release Date
Author:  Bianca De Sanctis
Genre:  Historical contemporary romance, LGBT
Length: 74 pages
Publisher:  Silverstream Press
Meows: 5
Purrrs: Low
Blurb:  Told alongside a series of flashbacks, 'Secretly, Secretly' is a historical romance that explores the relationship between two young men of vastly different upbringings, as they attempt to overcome the social norms that separate them.

How close can two people be?

It is the question Elijah Livingston has always wondered, and there's no one he would rather discover the answer with than his former servant and best friend, Gabriel. But Gabriel took flight of the Livingston estate, and with him went Elijah's hope of whatever future they might hold together. Eight years later, Elijah has the chance to win him back, and he won't stop until Gabriel is his again. In a time when nothing is more precious than a secret or more dangerous than a scandal, can master and servant find happiness in each other?

Review: Gabriel always knew he had feelings for Elijah his master and best friend, but he always felt he wasn’t good enough for him. To be with him he had to be an equal, nothing else would do though deep down he knew he would do absolutely anything for Elijah.
This was an absolutely beautiful story of two men that showed their love in very different ways in a time when two men could never be together as more than Master/ Slave of friends.  The way the story is told in flashbacks and newspaper clippings is ingenious. This story left me sighing and breathless. I hope it does you too.
Recommendations: If you like historical romance, stories of friends to lovers, lost love reunited, and secret this one is for you!

Review for Magically Delicious by Caitlin Ricci

Title: Magically Delicious
Series Silver Sparkle Short Story
Release Date: March 16 2013
Author:  Caitlin Ricci
Genre: LGTB contemporary romance,
Length: 36 pages
Publisher:  Silver Publishing
Meows: 4
Purrrs: Erotic
Blurb: Luke, an American exchange student studying abroad in Ireland, ignored his roommates when they told him to put back the gold coin he found in the garden. They warned him about what would happen if he kept the leprechaun gold. He might wonder if maybe he should have listened to them when a sexy, kilt-wearing leprechaun shows up that night to claim the last of the coins from his scattered pot of gold.
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Reviewer: Cat
Review: Luke is an American exchange student in Ireland. He finds a coin in his gardens and is warned by his roommates to be careful of keeping leprechaun gold but he doesn’t  pay them any mind. He doesn’t believe in leprechauns but can a vivid dream change that?
This was a very cute happy short story that put a smile on my face.  As in most really short stories there isn’t a lot of character development and I would have loved to know Luke and his roomies all better. The plot those were both funny and fast. The only issue I had with it was the time between Fae world and the real world confused me just a little.  But over all I loved it!
Recommendations: If you like magic, leprechauns, folklore, and a short fun read sure to make you smile try this one!

review for Just A Little Unwell by Iyana Jenna

Title:  Just A Little Unwell

Release Date march 23 2013
Author:  Iyana Jenna
Genre:   Contemporary LGBT
Length: short 38 pages
Publisher Silver Publishing
Meows: 5
Purrrs: low
Blurb: Patrick is happy until a stranger steps into his garden and into his life.
Patrick Trafford is pleased with the simple life he has, spending his time tending a tiny garden accompanied by his best friend, Chad, a cockroach. Nevertheless, he can’t hide the excitement bubbling in him as a man suddenly appears in the garden.
Damien Abner politely welcomes, albeit somewhat at a loss, Patrick’s warm offer to spend time with him. To have a coffee, watch some movie, and dance along with the characters in it.
They begin to date and Patrick has never been happier, though he barely knows who Damien is–not that it matters to him. For him, being clueless does mean bliss.

:Reviewer: Cat
Review:  Patrick likes his life simple, tending his gardens and talking to his best friend a cockroach he calls chad. Damien appears one day and  Patrick can’t hide his happiness until one day Damien doesn't return. Looking for Damien unravels some secrets Patrick isn't sure he wants to know.
 I loved this story It is sad and sweet at the same time.  I can’t say a lot without  giving it away since it is very short but it will definitely; leave you wanting more. I would have liked to know more about both characters and even more of Patrick’s past. I would love to read this as a full length story
Recommendations: If you like gardening, short stories about men with some secrets you will love this. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

review for Grapes of Lust by Sonia Hightower

Title: Grapes of Lust
Series Napa Valley Naughties book 2
Release Date Feb 2013
Author:  Sonia Hightower
Genre: Erotica
Length: 5,502 word-count
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Meows: 5
Purrrs: hot and sensuous
Blurb: It’s a dark and stormy night, and two lonely souls are drinking alone at Vespera’s Vineyard. Circumstances force them to share a table, and they can either drown in their sorrows or breathe in the instant attraction.

Celia thinks she should continue to grieve, but Nicholas and his injury touch a part of her soul.

Can they move on and embrace life again? Can lust replace wrath and sadness? Will what happens at Vespera’s continue outside the vineyard?
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Reviewer: Cat
Review: Celia is at Vespera’s wallowing in self-pity and trying to escape the pain of her sons one year of death drowning her sorrows in wine. Nicholas is there wallowing in self- pity from his wife leaving him and having a serious knee injury also drowning his sorrows in wine. Vespera decide to bring the two pity parties together and see what happens.
This is such a beautiful story  that is bound to bring tears to your eyes as the two tell each other their stories. I was never s happy to see two people get together and have hot sex as I was these two!! Great story!
Recommendations: If you like a sweet story with a happy ending, hot and sensuous love making, moving on from the past and  good wine this one is for you.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Review for Silver Spoon by Cheyenne Meadows

Title: Silver Spoon
Series Wind Warriors book 5
Release Date: March 9 1013
Author: Cheyenne Meadows
Genre:  M/F contemporary romance. Action /Adventure
Length: 213 pages
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Meows: 4
Purrrs: low sexual content
Blurb: Believing no woman could hold his interest, Spoon feels the weight of bachelorhood settle heavily on his shoulders until he stumbles across an author book signing.

Riley is a part time romance writer who never expects to find a man to live up to the heroes in her books. Instead, she pushes through life on her own terms, happily single.

Just when they start to develop feelings for one another, fragmented family relationships come to a head and danger lurks right around the corner, threatening to end not only their budding relationship, but their lives as well.

Will they conquer the challenges and come together in love or will events out of their control tear them apart forever?
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Reviewer: Cat
Review: I love this cover!  Spoon is a member of the Wind warriors and loves his job. His father wants him to run his company but he has no interest. He is very frugal and likes his playboy lifestyle. Then one day he runs into Riley. Literally. 
Riley is rather average in looks. She is a writer and works at the gym he frequents.
This story had a lot of potential. As a contemporary romance it was really very good. Both characters were very likeable but I felt a lot of it was repetitive. What really threw me off was its also labeled action adventure. With Spoon’s secretive job there were all sorts of possibilities of action and I waited. It was pretty much brushed over.  I would have loved to see a bit of danger and intrigue that would easily present itself with Spoons occupation.  But still as a romance it was very romantic and Spoon is every girls dream man. Well he would be mine.
Recommendations: If you like a good romance, buff men, sexy secret agent type men, pretty redhead heroines, dogs,  and  finding ones true love this one is  for you!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Review for When She Was Good

Title:  When She Was Good

Author:  Christopher Newman
Genre: contemporary. F/F, M/F, family relationships, Thriller
Length: 182 pages
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Warnings: This title includes scenes of graphic violence, rape, and a HFN ending. This title contains MFM and FF sexual situations.
Meows: 5
Purrrs: no actual sex but mention of MF  FF and mention of rape
Blurb: Trisha Marlow wakes in a hospital with no memories, not even her name, until her best friend, Eddie Conti, finds her. They'd been searching for her wild-child twin sister, Pam, when Trisha disappeared without a trace. Pam has never made a secret of her contempt for their family, but the reasons remain shrouded in secrecy. From the adult porn industry, a minimum-security prison, to the rental cottages on Lake Erie, Trisha and Eddie must unravel the mystery of what happened to Pam and find the truth her family doesn't want revealed. Each step she takes to finding her sister brings Trisha closer to a darkness that threatens to engulf her. Will she be able to save Pam or is it too late? And, in the end, will Eddie's love be enough to save Trisha from the truths that are unearthed? CONTENT ADVISORY: This title includes scenes of graphic violence, rape, and a HFN ending. This title contains MFM and FF sexual situations.
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Reviewer:  Cat
Review:  Trisha runs out in the road and gets hit by a car and ends up in the hospital with amnesia. A man from her past comes and finds her, though she remembers him her memories are vague. As memories unfold they unleash a troubled past with her sister and lots of drama and twists.
Wow This was a very amazing story most people will think it’s so horrific and  that nothing like this really could exist in our society but boy are they wrong.. Being one of those survivors this one really hit close to home and I could really sympathize and empathize with Tricia. Eddie is one heck of a man to stand by her through all these twists and yes there are a lot of them I promise nice you pick this up you won’t want to put it down until you are done!!   I do want to say I wish it told more about  what happened to the kids  that hit her . 

Recommendations: If you like a different story with hard to read content such as rape, violence or daily struggles of an unpleasant past, horrific stories you just don’t  want to believe could be real, lots of twists and turns you really must read this.  Also if you or someone you know are dealing with rape I would suggest reading this one also.
Author Website:
Author Twitter:

Sunday, March 24, 2013

review for Sable Does it in the Kitchen by Sable Hunter

Title:  Sable Does it in The Kitchen
Author:  Sable Hunter
Genre:  cookbook
Length: 249 pages
Publisher: Sable hunter / self-published
Warnings: don’t read the excerpts and try to make a recipe at the same time. This could result in bodily harm or burnt food.
Meows: 5
Purrrs: no sex  but the excerpts are spicy
Blurb: Sable Hunter does more than write racy romance novels, she can also cook! 

Many fans have asked for recipes that were mentioned in her books - so here are some of them, there are also recipes included that were given to her by author friends and fans.
Sable's dishes are made with a southern flair that only those native to certain parts of the South can conjure, as Sable has spent her life in Texas and Louisiana, home of some of the greatest cuisines in the world!
Inside you will find several of Sable's favorite dishes from Grilladas, Gumbo and
Etoufee to a Pork Loin stuffed with Cajun Boudain. If you keep reading you'll find the secret McCoy Recipe for their fool-proof smoked brisket which is showcased in her Hell Yeah! Series.
As you progress through the cookbook, you'll find various links provided that will take you to the places where you can buy things like Tony Chachere's Cajun Seasoning, as well as the smoker used to cook some of these dishes.
You'll find the recipes are divided into Sections called 'Savory' for meat and vegetable dishes, and 'Sweeter' for desserts. These terms are a play on words about her books. Sable had become known for her steamy, savory romances, but the story-line has always been the most important element. So as to appeal to a wider audience, she will be releasing her Hell Yeah! books in a 'Sweeter' version in 2013 with the same emotional story and characters, but with a little less risqué material.
Inside 'Sable Does It in the Kitchen' there is PG excerpts of her work, if you'd like to take a peek, as well as links to her website and other places you might find Sable on the web. Over 60 Recipes and excerpts are not the only things you'll find; at the back there are a couple of surprises - 'future glimpses' of her work, as well as printable Tags and Bookmarks.
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Reviewer: Cat
Review: This is a great collection of very easy to do and useable recipes. I loved how there were excerpts from her books worked in also. It definitely made  me want to read them. I will be trying several of the recipes also!
Recommendations:  if you likecookbooks, hot cowboys and sassy heroines you will love this
Author Website

Saturday, March 23, 2013

review for Someone to watch over me by Edward Kendrick

Title: Someone to Watch Over Me
Series: Winterfield series
Release Date March 9 2013
Author:  Edward Kendrick
Genre:  MM Contemporary
Length: 109 pages
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Meows: 4
Purrrs: no sex
Blurb: After celebrating his birthday at the local bar, Harley ends up wrapping his car around a tree. He wakes up in the hospital minus one leg. When he's released, he goes to live with his friend Dave, who arranges for a nurse to watch over him when he has to leave town.

As nurse Tabby takes Harley in hand, teaching him that he has to face his new life and move on, a tentative relationship beyond nurse and patient develops. And then Dave returns, throwing everything into a cocked hat
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Reviewer: Cat
Review: Harley drinks too much on his 25th birthday and does the stupid thing of driving. He ends up with broken legs, arms, and one leg amputated.  His Family doesn’t have much to do with him but his best friend Dave helps him out. Dave is a salmon fisherman and has to go on the boat so he has a friend to check in with him. Tabby is a nurse and use to dealing with people with an attitude like Harley they become close friends and both think maybe more when Dave comes home.
This was a very good well written story of a man that is about to give up on life. It really hit home with me since I am facing some life changing issues but nothing like completely losing a leg. it made me feel ashamed of my pity party’s and  want to try harder. What a great inspirational story.
Recommendations: If you like a story of someone hitting rock  bottom and finding  themselves and love this one is for you

Friday, March 22, 2013

Review for A Model Romance by Michael P Thomas

Title: A Model Romance
Release Date:  March 10 2013
Author:  Michael P. Thomas
Genre:  Contemporary MM
Length: 6,962  
Publisher:  JMS Books
Meows: 3
Purrrs: explicit
Blurb:  When Bridger Bradford chases the wrong guy to South Korea, he falls in love ... with his fantasies about Kai, a model whose handsome mug is splashed across every subway station and bus shelter in the country.

Kai has a big career and big money, but what he really wants is a shot at big, blond Bridger, who can't believe his luck when the man of his dreams seemingly walks out of the stack of souvenir magazines and right up to him in his favorite San Francisco bar.
Review:  Kai went to South Korea and quickly became a modeling sensation. Bridger went to South Korea on a trip to follow the man of his dreams to find that he fell in love with the hot model Kai, but only in his dreams as they never met. Then one day he is at the local bar and sees a dead ringer for Kai and the man is checking him out so he decides to go for it.
I thought this story was cute. The way Bridger was infatuated with Kai though seemed quite stalkerish for a man of his age.  But all in the entire story was funny hot and sweet.
Recommendations: If you like short snappy stories, models, jocks and hot mansex you will like  this one.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review for Ballet Nights by H.Lewis- Foster

Title: Ballet nights
Release Date: March 2013
Author:  H. Lewis-foster
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length:  7017 words
Publisher: JMS Books LLC
Meows: 4
Purrrs: Explicit
Blurb: Aaron is a banker who enjoys his single life to the limit. When he goes to the ballet with his friend Nick, Aaron finds the performance pretty dull. But he soon pays attention when the gorgeous Prince Charming takes to the stage, and he doesn't hesitate when Nick invites him to another ballet.

As Aaron spends more evenings at the theater, he meets Frank, a young European. Aaron is captivated by Frank's accent and his sophistication, but Frank doesn't fit into Aaron's routine of bars and casual acquaintances. Aaron is determined to hang on to his old lifestyle, but will Frank tempt him to try something different?
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Reviewer: Cat
Review: Aaron is a banker that goes with his friend Nick that is an arts critic.  He likes being single and doesn’t want to change. Then he meets Ballet dancer Frank.
This is a short sweet and funny romance. It’s fast paced, sweet and loving. I wanted to bop Nick in the head a few times, but all in all it liked this story a lot.
Recommendations: if you like short sweet romances, ballet dancers, bankers, French men, Paris, bossy friends,and hot mansex  your bound to love this .

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

review for The cowboy and the Prince by

Title: The Prince and the Cowboy
Release Date: march 2013
Author:  Sam Singer
Genre:  fairy tale, MM contemporary
Length: 7,889 words
Publisher: JMS Books LL
Meows: 4
Purrrs: Hot
Blurb: Pampered Texan James Walsh has been keeping a secret from his overbearing but well-intentioned mother. When she throws a lavish birthday party in the hopes that he will meet the woman of his dreams, she has no clue James is gay.

But a sudden storm blows rugged, rain-soaked ranch owner Jonathon Ross to James' doorstep, and suddenly he can't hide who he is any longer.
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Reviewer: Cat
Review: James is a Texan prince. His mom decides to find the perfect mate for him by putting a pearl under all the princess’ mattress.  James don’t want to tell his mom he is gay but he doesn’t want to marry any of the princesses either. Then in blows Jonathan to announce his sister couldn’t make it they fall   for each other right off .
This was so cute and funny I laughed and laughed. Especially when the mom was talking to them about him not being able to sleep and thinking it was the pearl.  So funny.   This is a short fast past humorous story that will leave you happy ever after LOL.
Recommendations: If you like fairy tales, princes, cowboys, and hot loving sex  give this a try.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Review for Torn by Shawn Baily

Title:  Torn
Release Date ; March 8th  2013
Author:  Shawn Bailey
Genre:  Contemporary M/M, ménage
Length: 145 pages
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Meows: 5
Purrrs: Hot, Sensual, Somewhat Explicit
Blurb: Club host Sam Mason and his lover Tony gets into a screaming match in the French Quarter. Tony wants Sam to prostitute himself to earn money to support Tony’s drug habit. In a drastic effort to free himself of Tony, Sam propositions a man on the street and offers him the best blowjob he’d ever had it he takes him somewhere. The man takes one look at him and agrees.

Attorney Justin Quick can’t believe his luck when a green-eyed cutie approaches him with the best offer he had in years. Ethically he’s sworn to get the young man out of danger, but the man in him knows it’s an offer he’d be foolish to refuse.
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Reviewer: Cat
Review: Sam Mason is fed up with his abusive boyfriend Tony but has nowhere to go. He sees a stranger watching them argue and propositions him the best blowjob in his life in exchange for  getting him away from Tony.  Justin can’t believe his eyes or ears or luck when Sam propositions him He takes him away and falls for  Sam quickly, but  he finds out quickly that Sam’s best friend Caleb loves Sam and wants them to  pursue their old dreams.
This story is so sweet it’s almost too sweet. It has several twists and turns that makes it hard to put down.  Who wouldn’t want to be swept off their feet with a man like Justin or fall for a man so sweet as Sam and then there is Caleb too.  Yeah so many hotties to fall in love with here.  I highly recommend this!
Recommendations: If you like hosts, bartenders, sexy lawyers, sexy body guards and a very sweet love story of a man that falls for another and would do whatever he had to  to keep him. *sigh* then this is for you. Also if you like  a good story, hot mansex and a little bit of meange it’s here too.