Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Review for Jose's Surrender By Remmy Duchene

Jose’s Surrender

Title:  Jose’s surrender
Series:  Sons of Eros 4
Author: Remmy Duchene
Genre: contemporary   
Length:  Novella (1280)
Publisher:  Silver Publishing (2012)
Heat Level Explicit  
Heart Rating:, 3
Jose Deluz owns a successful interior decorating business, but when his painter leaves him unexpectedly, he’s in the urgent need of help. Could Ronin Mccall, freshly retired from the Navy, be the right man –for the painting job?
Jose Deluz is the Anatolis brothers’ best friend. He’s always there with a joke and when it comes to their love lives, he has all the right moves. As for his own, Jose has two left feet. Laird has hired him for a major job when Jose’s painter quits. Laird may have a solution: he suggests Ronin mccall.
The two meet.  Ronin   rocks Jose’s world and he is lost.
 After his stint in the navy Ronin Mccall  retires, planning to paint  again. He moves to Eros for a fresh personal and business start. The first people he meets in the small seaside town is the  Anatolis brothers and he instantly feels welcome.  When he meets their friend Jose everything changes.

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Reviewer:   Cat

Review:  Ronin Moves to a small seaside town after retiring from the Navy for a fresh start both business and professional. He hopes to get back into painting among other of his businesses. He meets the Anatolis Brothers and feels welcomed right away. Jose, best friend of the Anatolis brothers is doing a big job for Laird when his painter quits. Laird suggests   Ronin.  As soon as Jose meets Ronin ,  sparks fly.
This is the fourth book in the series, but it works well as a stand-alone title. The story is fast paced and fun and very hot.  However I found it disconnected   in spots.  I kept waiting for something to happen but other than a cute descriptive story with lots of interesting characters and lots of really hot sex, nothing much else happened.
The descriptions are all very good and the characters were all very awesome and interesting and the sex super-hot. I will be reading the other three to see the other character’s stories.
I recommend this  to anyone that likes men in Stetsons, Spanish men, restaurants, lots of description, lots of character’s and  a sweet  hot love story to   check this out.

Monday, April 29, 2013

review for Sunshine Kiss by Stormy Glenn

Author: Stormy Glenn
Series: McCaffrey Men 1
Publisher: Siren publishing
Classic Manlove
Genre: Paranormal, Shape-shifter, Alternative (M/M)
Length: Novel (56,541)
Heat: Hot
Reviewer: Cat
Blurb: Sam Bishop is on the run, and the safest place he can think of to hide is the ranch where he grew up. He just doesn't expect Jesse McCaffrey, the ranch owner, to be waiting for his return. The man is both angry that Sam left him five years ago and determined to make sure that Sam never leaves again.
But the danger that Sam is fleeing is right on his tail, and Jesse will have to reveal his darkest secret in order to save Sam. Getting Sam to stay after that will take more determination than Jesse might have. A little luck wouldn't hurt either.
And if that doesn't work, Jesse will just claim Sam as his Lycan mate and keep him anyway

Review: This one is another twizzler. In case your new to my reviews, that means lots of twists. The blurb does not do this one justice. It starts out as a great romance, Same is running from an abusive boyfriend and goes home where he thinks he will be safe. He runs right back into the arms of the first man he ever loved. Here comes the first twist, Jesse is a Lycan (think werewolf). Then as you expect, the boyfriend  Sam is running from shows up. But here is the second twist. The ex is also Lycan (or is he). After a battle with Jesse, Desmond walks away a little too easily.  Sam slowly finds out about the Lycans and how he has lived with them forever. Jesse has claimed him for a mate. Then about two thirds through thing really get wild. Sam gets very sick. New characters pop up (literally).More secrets are revealed about Sam and his family. When Sam’s sickness is revealed its really a shocker (trust me here don’t quit reading if this doesn’t sit right with you. Once you find out Sam’s family secret, it’s not so bad. Besides remember this is fantasy fiction.) Oh yes and then there is another twist! More secrets about the Lycan family. I really loved the nickname Sunshine Jesse gave Sam. One of my favorite things was the last line of the book. I just about died laughing!! So what is Desomond? Doe’s Sam and Jesses get together? What is Sam’s family secret? What is wrong with Sam? What is the Lycan family secret? I’m not telling you. GO get the book!!
I recommend this book to anyone that loves a great romance, Lycan or werewolves, soul-mate, Fae, lots of twist, lots of action, and hot Man-sex

Review for Arresting Love By Sylvia Violet

Title:  Arresting Love 
Series:  Wild R Farm Series   
Author:   Sylvia Violet
Genre:  contemporary/cowboy /m/m
Length:  novella 
Publisher: self-published 
Heat Level:  Explicit   
Heart Rating:  3
Blurb  Billy Lawson is jealous. Every day he watches his boss, Cole, and his boss's lover, Jonah, prove again and again how deeply in love they are. Billy's never had a real relationship, and he didn't believe true love existed until Cole proved otherwise. Now, he longs for what Cole and Jonah have. 

When he meets Levi, a scared, wounded shifter who needs his help, he ignores the chemistry that flares between them, thinking he'd be taking advantage of Levi at a vulnerable time in his life. Before Levi can convince Billy they were made for each other, his past catches up to him, and both men must fight for a chance at love.
Reviewer:   Cat
Review: Billy is forced to go on a vacation by his boss a wolf shifter. Billy had been content to just have random sex but now watching Cole and Jonah he wants more.
Levi is a scared young boy lost and alone on the streets and on the run. Though looks can be deceiving. He is also a mountain lion.
I thought the story was pretty good though this is a second book in the series. I didn’t realize and was lost for a chapter or so. Eventually the backstory was filled in sometimes in big chunks almost like dropping back and reading another book. I also found the shifters living together like Jonah being a horse and his lover being a wolf then bring in poor sad young Levi as a mountain lion to work and live on the ranch was a bit hard to believe. BUT this is after all fiction and when you set it aside and don’t overthink these things, the story is sweet and loving. I am always a sucker for  hard fought true love , so I liked that the meeker seeming Levi was more dominate in private with the more controlled Billy. I will be getting the first and looking forward to the third!
I recommend this to anyone liking unusual shifter, like horse, and mountain lines, werewolves, mystery, and hot mansex

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Review for Knocking Boots By J M Snyder

Title: Knocking Boots
Author:  J M Snyder
Genre:  MM Cowboy/ Western
Length: short story 7,797 words
Publisher JMS Books LLc
Meows: 3
Purrrs: Explicit
Blurb: Johnny thinks he's the only guy on the ranch interested in sharing a fellow cowboy's bedroll ... until he witnesses an illicit tryst between his foreman Hal and another ranch hand named Delfino. After watching Delfino pleasure Hal, Johnny can't get the Mexican vaquero out of his wet dreams. He wants Delfino to do the same things to him, and he'll do whatever it takes to hook up with the cowboy.

To his surprise, Delfino doesn't mind showing Johnny a good time in the barn ... for a price. Once the two men are alone, Johnny learns first-hand just how well a hot stud like Delfino can please a man.
Reviewer: Cat
Review:  Johnny keeps to himself mostly s the other ranch hands don’t figure out his secret that  he is into men, though most quit asking m him to go with them on outings to town to drink and get women since he always refused. One evening he is in the barn when a hand and the foreman come in and indulge in what he though only existed in his fantasy, man n man sex. He finally decides to approach Delphino no matter what it costs him.
This was a good story. It had a decent story and hot sex. Though there was no real plot or suspense. I think this would made a very good longer story with more drama and plot, as it was it was mostly just  sex but it was really hot.
Recommendations: If you like cowboys, ranch hands, and hot sex this is for you
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Author Website: http://www.jms-books.com
Author Twitter:  jmsbooks llc

Review for Gangster Love By J T Marie

Title: Gangster Love

Author:  J. T Marie
Genre:  Poetry Western cowboy
Length: 24 poems
Publisher JMS Books
Meows: 3
Purrrs: no sex scenes
Blurb: Short chapbook of 24 poems which center around outlaws, gangsters, robbers, gunslingers, and thieves. On loving criminals in spite of, and sometimes because of, their crimes. Set in the Old West or Small Town America, each poem is a story of love. Think Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett, or Bonnie and Clyde ... these poems celebrate the allure and romance in such doomed relationships.
Reviewer: Cat
Review: This was a nice book of poetry. Very poignant and heartfelt.  
Recommendations: If you love gunslingers, gangsters, the old west, small town America, Billy the kid, Pat Garret Billy the Kid and poetry check this out!
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Crazy for Cowboys!

 Hello Everyone I have decided to do a week ( or two of  Cowboys).

  I have a big selection here of both MM and M/f also present day modern and historical /old west.  I hope you find a cowboy here you love maybe even a new author or two to follow. I think I will  split this up into at last two weeks so we will go this week with  M/M. On this page you will find a list of the ones  coming up and the ones I have done in the past with those links also. So  put on those Levis, cowboy boots and stetson and get  ready for a ride!
I am kicking it off with an Old west Transgender story:  A Cowboys Heart ( this is one of  the hottest Cover I have ever saw don't you think?) BY J M Snyder

Check the site I have  several I have already reviewed like the Texas soul series by Sara York and Stallions and Stud series by Terry O'Reilly.
Come on over and enjoy the rodeo.

Review for a Cowboy's Heart

Title: A Cowboy’s Heart
Release Date: Feb 8 2012
Author:  J M Snyder
Genre:  M/M Western, historical, transgender
Length: 182 pages
Publisher: JMS Books LLc
Warnings: Transgender
Meows: 4
Purrrs: explicit
Blurb: Ranch hand Tommy Prout thinks he's in love ... with his boss, Hal Bolstrum. Problem is, Hal's engaged to be married to the ranch owner's daughter and, though he knows of Tommy's crush, he sees it as nothing more than harmless affection. When payday rolls around and the other cowboys want to ride into town to check out the girls at the Wildhorse saloon, Tommy tags along to throw off any suspicion anyone might have about his feelings for his boss. He sure as hell doesn't want to spend his money on any of the soiled doves the town has to offer.

At the bar he meets Lila, an enterprising young working girl who takes a liking to him. When Tommy says he wants to be left alone, Lila suggests he rest in her room -- with the promise they don't have to actually do anything. But Lila isn't like the others, and when she discovers Tommy is more scared of her than attracted to her feminine charms, she lets him in on a little secret.

Lila's real name is Stephen Marsh. He lives as a woman, moving from saloon to saloon, pleasing men for money. He loves men and enjoys his work, and what others don't know about what's under his skirt doesn't bother him. In all his years on the prairie, he's never met someone quite like Tommy. When he discovers Tommy is sweet on Hal, he suggests teaching the cowboy just how to please a man.

He doesn't mean to lose his heart to Tommy in the process.

With "Lila" in his life, Tommy begins to dream of someone softer than Hal, someone pretty when dolled up but still man enough where it counts. Someone like Lila. As his feelings deepen, can he use Lila's own teachings to win the heart he really loves?
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Reviewer: Cat
Review:  Tommy has just got started good on the ranch and likes his job; he doesn’t want anyone to know his little secret. He tries to avoid going to the House with the boys but to protect his secret he goes. He is immediately stricken by Lila but can’t figure out why since he never has gone for girls, but he likes her thin frame and build and her eyes he could just get lost. He goes to her room and finds she has a secret of her own? Can their love and secrets survive?
This was my first transgender book and I just loved it. I found it sweet and compelling and I loved both characters and how they had to deal with both their secret and each other’s secret and to live the lives they have chosen.  It’s fetching, hot and heartbreaking at times. A beautiful love story!
Recommendations: If you like the old west, hot sexy cowboys, transgender, and sweet hot true love this is a must!
Author Twitter:  jmsbooks llc

Friday, April 26, 2013

Review for Heads,Vampire By Cheyennes Meadows

Title Heads Vampire
Series The Coin Toss #1
Release Date: January 26 20013
Author: Cheyenne Meadows
Genre:  M/F contemporary, paranormal/vampire
Length: 135 pages
Publisher Silver Publishing
Meows: 4
Purrrs:  hot and sensuous
Blurb: Charlotte believes love only exists in fairy tales, but agrees to attend a New Year's Eve party as a favor to a friend. A coin toss saddles her with a snobbish, immaculate vampire with a big ego, one who makes her grind her teeth and pester with silly questions. Ethan can't believe he's set up with a human female, one with horrendous taste in interior decorating and a quirky inquisitiveness that pricks at his final nerve. Unfortunately, the cards are stacked against him from the moment they meet. Danger and disaster bring them together, forcing them to lean on one another for survival. Can they move past their vast species differences and find true love?(l

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Reviewer: Cat
Review: Char is set up on a New Year’s Eve date by her friend Ginger. With the flip of a coin she gets sexy purebred Vampire Ethan. Ethan isn’t any happier about the date than Char is, he has no plans of hooking up with a human since he wants to  keep his bloodlines pure, so a date is a waste of time.
Oh my gosh I laughed till I thought I’d bust a gut on this one. It was so cute and funny I loved Chars strength and how she didn’t ‘t want  to depend on anyone for anything and her silly questions for the vampire were  just so outrageous it was fun! I loved how Ethan l slowly warmed to her found her intriguing and not just jumped in the sack with her. This was such an interesting take on a vampire story and a romance. I did have a little bit of issue with the actual rogue vampire thing him being so old, I found the short fight disappointing but  with the fun relationship  and  other issues going on  it  really wasn’t needed  anyways, though way to go Char!
Recommendations: If you like a different, more lighthearted, almost comical take on vampires and romance this one is for you. I highly recommend it.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review for Groomed for Murder by Zoe Dawson

Title:  Groomed for Murder
Series:  Going to the Dogs book 2
Release Date September 2012
Author: Zoe Dawson
Genre: Contemporary romance, comedy/mystery
Length: 61K
Publisher:  Blue Moon Creative
Meows:  5
Purrrs:  hot and sensual
Can a dog have a bad hair day?
​Brooke Palmer owns Pawlish, an exclusive doggie spa and grooming business in upper Manhattan, but when a client’s champion poodle gets a bad poodle cut and has to undergo therapy to recover, the client sues.  The lawyer they send is drop dead gorgeous, but Brooke won't be wooed by a corporate shark in a sharp suit.​
Corporate lawyer Drew Hudson has better things to do than take on this ridiculous lawsuit, but since he works for the client’s husband, he has no choice.  After meeting the beautiful, sweet-tempered owner, he can’t keep his mind on the silly case.  But when the client turns up dog gone dead, Brooke may be a conflict of interest when she’s charged with the murder.  All Drew wants to do is prove that this sexy entrepreneur is not dangerous, except to his heart.

Can she take a chance on him?

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Reviewer: Cat
Review:  Brooke is the type that does for everyone instead of herself, she helps her neighbors, volunteers a lot and protects those she cares for. She is spread thins with renovations in her business, baking dog treats, and helping plan Callies wedding while she is feeling low about  Maybe loosing Callie to Owen and her bulldog Roscoe is over the age most bulldog live and she has had him since she was a young girl.  When one of her clients isn’t happy with a groomer and o wants her fired Brooke stands ground even when the woman’s Charming lawyer tries to woo her and change her mind.
I absolutely loved this story. I thought the first one was good but this one even topped that.  I loved how the relationship with Drew and Brooke didn’t just fall in to place fast and it was a hard win love with lots of ups and downs.  I loved the real life issues between Callie and Brooke and the other girls in their friend group.  The mystery in this one was a real shocker and a cute twist. What a great way to spend an evening on the edge of your seat and chuckling as well as sighing. What girl doesn’t like a good, hot, sexy, romance and toss n a dog and a little mystery?  Yeah great story and I can’t wait for the next book to see who Poe’s romance will be!
Recommendations: If you like bulldogs, best friends, down to earth main character, dog groomers, lawyers, Weddings, and some sweet hot romance  with mystery and intrigue presented in a cute and charming way this is definitely for you!
 Author Twitter” @zoedawsonauthor 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Review for Leashed by Zoe Dawson

Title:  Leashed
Series:  Going to the Dogs
Release Date: September 2012
Author: Zoe Dawson
Genre: Contemporary romance, comedy/mystery
Length: 26K
Publisher:  Blue Moon Creative
Meows: 4
Purrrs Moderate/ hot and sexy
Blurb:  And they call it puppy love!

When Jack falls head-over-paws for cute and cuddly Jill next door -- that satiny coat, those soft brown eyes, and, yowza, those long legs, he simply cannot help himself.  Bing, bang, boom, a few weeks later, Jack has some 'splaining to do when that cute female is with puppies.  Jack's going to be a father; trouble is his lady love's owner and his owner need a little shove into love.  Being a large and in-charge Great Dane, that's no problem for Jack.  With a little cooperation and a little matchmaking, some nudging, whining and puppy dog eyes, hopefully, everyone will live happily ever after together.

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Reviewer: Cat
Review: Jack is a Great Dane owned by Girl next door type, dog groomer Callie. Callie has an infatuation with nightclub owner and neighbor Owen but has sworn off the bad boy types. When Jack meets Owens Great Dane Jill, sparks fly and makes it hard for Callie and Own to not get involved in more ways than one.
If you love a sweet, fun, funny romance with a little tad of mystery this one is a must. I fell in love with Callie and all her friends and can’t wait to see all the other girls’ stories as well.  I would have liked to gotten to know Owen a little more and found the little mystery a bit unbelievable at the end and felt eh mystery part could have even left out of this one. It wasn’t needed at all.  The romance between Callie and Owen and the two dogs was adorable and fun. I did feel the relationship between Callie and Owen moved way too fast but I still loved it since the story was also about the friendship of the four girls and the dogs as well. Loved it! Loved it!
Recommendations: If you love, dogs, Hot sexy neighbors, girl next door, Rich nightclub owners, Dog lovers, best friends, Dog trainers, dog groomers, vets, and socialites, and a very cute funny and sexy romance  with a bit of mystery, this is definitely for you
Author Twitter” @zoedawsonauthor

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Review for Shoulda Been a Cowboy by Terry O'Reilly

Title:  Shoulda Been A Cowboy
Series: Studs and Stallions book #1
Author:  Terry O’Reilly
Genre: MM western/ cowboy 
Length: 66 pages
Publisher JMS Books LLC
Meows: 5
Purrrs: Explicit
Blurb: Charlie Bradley has always entertained cowboy fantasies. When his boyfriend Jared offers him the choice of where to go on their summer vacation, Charlie chooses Stallions and Studs, a dude ranch catering to a gay clientele.

Upon arrival, Charlie meets the very handsome and studly Wade Connors, a riding instructor. Charlie is immediately enthralled with the man and finds his feelings, fight them as he may, are turning into love.

Wade, however, is a man who chooses a guest as his flavor of the week -- to romance, play with, and then move on. But this week Wade finds Charlie becoming more than he bargained for. What will happen when the weekends and Charlie has to leave for home?
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Reviewer: Cat
Review: Charlie is tired of Jared making all the plans and everything in the relationship about him. He wants to go to a Gay dude ranch for their vacation but Jared is against it. He finally does give in.  When they get to Stallions and Studs, Charlie is immediately taken by Wade, but hears rumors that Wade chooses a pet project each week for his own benefit and leaves the man heartbroken when the vacation is over.  The first night Jared comes in drunk and has a used condom still on. Charlie uses it to his advantage so he can spend time with Wade.  But will Charlie lose Jared? Does he really care? Will he be left heartbroken? You must read this one and see. 
This story is awesome. The characters are all interesting and hot. Even the snake Jared. You can’t help but dislike him LOL. I found my-self both loving and hating Wade but by then end I made up my mind. I adored Charlie I could see myself in him, wanting more, wanting to be loved, tired of settling. Great fantastic story with hot gay cowboys steamy sex and a very good story line. I highly recommend this one.
Recommendations: If you love a good  sweet romance with a few twists and turns, hot gay cowboys,  and sensual hot mansex this one is definitely for you.
Author Website: