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This is something that has been weighing heavy on my mind lately. I have thought long and hard about it and decided to get it off my chest.  I knew eventually I would receive feed -back on my reviews as with my writing. I also knew there would be some negative.  It has been a long time and I guess since I have been reviewing close to a year and just recently started getting some negative feedback I figured all was good. Well it still is.
You can’t please everyone all the time. Being a people pleaser sort of gal this is hard for me. I want to  make everyone happy not  just a choice few. I am also na├»ve and never realized until I began writing that some people are just plain mean.   It amazes me when I go into one of the sites to post my review and read a few at some of the comments. Several have no constructive critiscm what-so-ever some  say random stuff that has nothing to do with a book at all like pink puppies suck or  diddleewaddo  just for example  and yes  I have actually saw these comments  some on  bad ratings and even some on good ones.  I mean really. If you have something to say, say it.  But don’t go put a random comment and a 5 star just to boost a friend or a 1 and something mean if you haven’t read the book or are mad at someone perhaps for a less than perfect review.  We are not in high-school anymore people. Let’s act like grown- ups. I have found people actually do read reviews and am proud to say that I get lots of helpful marks on mine.
So having ranted why do I review? I review for a few reasons.  First and fore-most I do it to help other readers decide if they want to take a chance on a book or perhaps a new author.
Secondly: To thank the author and let him or her know I how I felt about the book. They did I take the time to write it after all and it’s a lot of work for the most part.  You say so they get paid for it. Well not necessarily. Unless they are with the big six and a very successful author already. Even so we all like praise, it’s our human nature. We don’t   mind telling people if something’s bad so shy not  tell them it’s good?
And because I have time.  I love to read and what’s a few more minutes a day to write up a quick review it’s like a thank you letter for a gift.  Make a minute.
 Now we know why I do it, so where do I do it?
In a box with a fox,  oh I regress..
I work for a review site called MMgoodreadsreviewers. I have started my own site this year called The Cat’s Meow~~ reviews that purr. I also post them at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles ,Goodreads, The publisher, and some at ARe and Smashwords
What do I get out of it? Do I get paid? I will answer the latter first. No I don’t get paid.  I do occasionally accept a free book and agree to publish my HONEST opinion. I never guarantee a rating. I don’t say good things just to make friends.  What I do get out of it is a sense of accomplishment. Perhaps I help to sell a couple books or a lot of books or  some-one finds a  book that inspires them or just makes them smile. That’s what reading is isn't it? An escape from the harshness of the world? Where we can be someone else? Have anything we dream of?  Will I ever know? More than likely not.  But I did my part.
And the main reason is. I love doing it. So as long as I am enjoying it and not hurting anyone else I will continue doing it.
So why did I go on this rant?  Recently I have had a couple comments about my heat ratings. I even had one person slam me at least in private that they had read a few of my reviews and my heat ratings are so off base and I shouldn't be reviewing. I know nothing about sex on and on. Finally I simply said Yet you are following my reviews and evidently purchasing some of these books I suggest. End of conversation. I didn't run and block this person or attack in public. They blocked me.  Good. I didn't friend them in the first place.  But it got me to thinking and yesterday I read some comments and someone produced a chart on ratings.  This is from a publisher I believe. Is it wrong or right? I don’t know.  It has some very good points.  I talked with a few friends, authors and fellow reviewers and finally came to this conclusion. Yes I may need to adjust my ratings a little.  But What I find hot and sexy may not be what you do. Is either of us right or wrong? No.  If we all liked the same things, had the same taste, there wouldn’t be anything different out there and life would be so boring. So I came to this conclusion. I am still writing my reviews.
 I am taking a little different stance with my heat ratings. I am amending my heat ratings on my page I call it purrs.  I am dispensing with the numbers..
 None- needs no explanation there is no sex or little suggestion
Low- no real sex but some innuendos or suggestions no to little curse words
Moderate- only one sex scene and it’s not overly explicit terms
Hot/ sexy/ sensual I may use one a or all words. This can   be more than one scene or several…  even including fade to black. Be prepared to see this one a lot  in my reviews since this is what I like in a story This will exclude what I consider over explanation or too much or certain terminology.. That leads to
Explict:  for this term it has sex through- out the book and/or  use of overly suggestive or  suggestive words such as cock used a lot,  the p or c word, excessive explanation of where  and how to insert tab A into slot B etc.  I am not saying this is offensive. In my reviews will mainly use explicit for what I consider erotica. I do read it. I do like it. But I find it much different than a story that just has love and passion in it.  I am not knocking it and what I call Erotica you may not.  I am not saying if you see erotic on my reviews I think it’s bad see the meows.. I have a lot of 5 star reviews on Erotica. (what I find Erotic that is) or if the publisher lists it as such.
So how does my new ratings  differ from what I found online?  For one it mentions sex between committed partners and Homo sexual acts, multiple partners, bdsm etc.  I didn’t actually agree with this.  Who the people are sleeping with doesn’t make it less loving or sexual new love or first times isn’t always committed.  So I choose to leave all this out. I rate purely on the nature of love, romance, and passion sensuality and in MY opinion.  It is after all my reviews and I do hope you enjoy reading them and find some great authors and books to enjoy. 
If you are interested in a review I mainly review form  my personal  library, and on the MMgoodbook reviewers site. I do however take some request but I work alone at this time so I can take all of them or do them immediately. See my review policy and submission guidelines or Pm me on Facebook.

 Thank you for  reading this and my reviews! I  hope  you come back  daily and  check out what we are reading and share  your opinions on  each one!

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