Review Submission Policy

Review Policy for Submissions
Submit all request to my by email : I will reply to all emails. If you do not get at least a thank you I probably did not receive the email. Please be patient as I read alone and review alone at this time. Everyone is important to me and I will respond as quickly as possible
Please do not send a copy of the book with the initial email.  Send me an excerpt first with a request of when you need the review.  I read alone though I do have a few friends that I could possibly get to review for us if it’s not something I can do. If I accept the book we will agree on the date of the review then and if something comes up and I see I will be late or can’t do it I will notify you by email. I read most genres, and I finish almost every book I read whether I like it or not
I post honest reviews so if I find something wrong with it I may mention this respectfully. I never bash an author or book. I reserve the right to post the review honestly that is even if by chance it is a one or 2. I haven’t at this time ever found a one but it happens.
I do not do reviews in order of acceptance but by urgency. If there is a due date a new release or ARC I take that into consideration when scheduling.
I accept books in epub, pdf, mobi, and I will also accept books by postal service you can request  an address at time of scheduling the review. I do not share books, but if I see I can’t  meet a deadline or don’t think I can do the review justice I will  contact you to see if perhaps  someone else I know might  be able to do it or at a later date  I may  recruit some reviewers.
Please read a couple of my reviews on this site to see my style.
Disclaimer: I reserve the right to reject books without repercussions from Authors that submit them. Reviews are solely my personal opinion as a reader. I do not accept payment or compensation in return for a review. I do not make exceptions to my review standards  to authors that provide free  books for review.
I do not share any copies with any third parties or any persons without permission from the author to do so.
I do not have a turnaround time at this time (Jan 2013) but I do read and review by myself and  strive to meet any commitments we agree to.  This can change and I will post a turnaround time if I feel it becomes necessary
 Thank you for considering me  to review for you!